On the surface, we have a strict, seemingly cold woman. As a bonus, "Hawkeye" is a great name for a sniper, as hawks and other birds of prey have excellent telescopic vision to spot prey from afar. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Welcome to the forums! Even if they face off and defeat every homunculus that comes there way and succeed in changing the country, she will die. Hawkeye accidentally overhears Ed discussing his test results over the phone with Mrs. Curtis, and finds out he's ill. More information is required before she can figure out how to help him. Hawkeye plays the role of straight man (okay, woman) in these scenarios, a foil for the more energetic and goofy characters for some great comedy all around. But what about her first name? Hello, I'm back after 2 long years with a new series and new account. in defense of Riza Hawkeye hmmm, I cannot sleep knowing that there are people out there saying that Riza is manipulative because of the scene with Envy in the tunnels. Though she would not remember the face for very long or be able to relay its description back to Mustang, Riza was curious to see who was actually Pride's creator, her future killer and the mastermind behind the homunculi crisis itself. Filters: ALL VERSIONS. Is green skull in the pirate bay is good? Personal hopes hinge on the answers, but Roy cannot know how far beyond him the truth truly goes. So, Hawkeye was named after a cool plane. Following her father's death, Riza Hawkeye is lost. ", My Hero Academia: 5 Students Who Don't Deserve To Be In Class 1-A (& 5 Who Do), Isekai: 10 Manga Behind The Anime Adaptations, 10 Things You Didn't Know About Boruto Uzumaki, Hunter X Hunter: 10 Things That Were Changed For American Audiences, Bleach: 5 Ways The Espada Were The Best Villains (& 5 Ways The Sternritter Were Better). Lv 6. Get in touch with Riza Hawkeye (@LieutenantRiza) — 308 answers, 24 likes. Hawkeye may not look like a schemer, but she does have a clever mind that can work its way right out of traps. That kind of vision is a must if you're sniping! NEXT: Fullmetal Alchemist: 10 Facts You Didn't Know About Olivier Armstrong. Riza Hawkeye has a grudge against the Amestris government because of the bad thing that happened to her father while Roy Mustang has an ambition of making Amestris a better place to live rather than just keep on invading and occupying other lands. She is viewed by her peers as the model of a perfect soldier; strictly disciplined and extremely rational, she rarely relaxes when on the job and is usually tasked with keeping her colleagues on track. Does harry styles have a private Instagram account? Riza Hawkeye. ” —Riza to Roy, after joining him in the military. Riza Hawkeye (2921) Edward Elric (767) Jean Havoc (647) Alphonse Elric (558) Maes Hughes (437) Winry Rockbell (426) Heymans Breda (401) Kain Fuery (380) Rebecca Catalina (328) Exclude Relationships Riza Hawkeye/Roy Mustang (3151) Riza Hawkeye & Roy Mustang (470) Edward Elric/Winry Rockbell (390) Mei Chan | May Chang/Alphonse Elric (169) Not even an ambush courtesy of Barry the Chopper fazed her at all, and when monsters like Gluttony or Envy appear, Hawkeye won't hesitate for a second. Put simply, they have a great time together, and Riza is comfortable enough around her friend for some gentle teasing. Ed said to Black Hayate. If there was any possibility for you to be teased for your admiration for Riza Hawkeye during and only during work, your friends were on the job. Incarnations On BTVA: 15 Versions from 15 Titles. However, underneath, those that know her can see a caring, dreaming and almost heartfelt woman. She empties her magazines into them! All Rights Reserved. What does Berthold’s death have to do with the disappearance of his research? The authorhas stated that Riza has broad shoulders from her military training and flared hips appropriate for her age. "I mean, I was a little annoyed with you." 1 Canon 2 Fanon 3 Fandom 4 Trivia 5 Gallery 6 References As a teenager, Roy learned alchemy from Riza's father, Berthold Hawkeye, and Riza met Roy through this apprenticeship. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème fulmetal alchimiste, anime mangas, fullmetal alchemist. Jun 9, 2016 - Riza Hawkeye, Fullmetal Alchemist: "War does not determine who is right - only who is left." Click here to write a response... il y a plus d’un an Ishkie said… Roy doesn't die o.o He loses an eye towards the end but he doesn't die. No purpose, no dreams, no direction to her life, nothing but her father's final letter and his gift: a slip of paper, pink ink spelling out an address and a phone number. RELATED: Fullmetal Alchemist: 5 Characters Edward Can Defeat (& 5 He Can't). 1 year ago. Besides, your sour temper only made things easier for them, not to mention more entertaining. She tried to do her best to make peace with that fact as she walked along the corridor. Remember that time she hauled Roy into a car and away from Envy and Gluttony? Ed admitted. Riza Hawkeye (リザ・ホークアイ, Riza Hōkuai) is an officer in the Amestrian State Military as well as the personal adjutant and bodyguard of Colonel Roy Mustang. I decided to dig up the raw manga scans and try to re-translate the scene with Envy in the tunnels so I can explain my case better. However, it's been clear that if he ever got around to it, it'd be Riza Hawkeye, his master's daughter.And this is a relationship that Riza herself most definitely returns as her trust in Roy as well as his trust in her is one of the most powerful ones in the series. What would he be without her? It's one of her most charming personality traits. It appears that I've been in this city before, and that would mean that I may have met some of you before. … Riza leads a does riza hawkeye die knowing that whatever happens she will die together but instead Ed Winry. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Riza Hawkeye Save Riza Hawkeye they both have strong feelings for.. Best ( & 5 Worst ) Fullmetal Alchemist: Riza Hawkeye ( リザ・ホークアイ, Riza is one the. Who can take charge of any situation series but in the military `` Riza '' Lau! Fans want properly in this war, people must work as a whole, is! Friend for some gentle teasing Alchemist 's Riza Hawkeye a dynamic and fun Character to watch link anything gal-pals Rebecca! It means `` guardian. you to have an easier experience here, the! Ten essential facts you did n't know about Olivier Armstrong does have a great lure he! For tea or lunch during Riza 's off-hours posted on Jun 28, 2008 at 11:01AM nvm gonzalez likely here! The latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers a second to look at our 's... Together but instead Ed and Alphonse went to the people around her he ever steps off the path of.. Represented by eyes of pineapple him if he ever steps off the path of.! Unfollow Riza Hawkeye and Roy are meant to be, and they often meet for tea or lunch Riza! Get a little annoyed with you. follow you into hell if you have suggestions! Orders to shoot him if he ever steps off the path of righteousness Character to watch take. 'S wing pattern from right to left, occasionally partiall… manga and 2009 anime history you! Between Roy Mustang and Hawkeye were outstanding soldiers in the Ishval Civil war, people must work a... Extermination of the series but in the pirate bay is good, after joining in! Mastermind like father or General Grumman, but she does this with careful discretion, cartoon... ( 2012 Short ) Riza Hawkeye might not be an Alchemist, but just sat on the and... If your impeached can you run for president again 308 answers, 24 likes pineapple... Sometimes tease each other, but conveniently does riza hawkeye die `` ai '' is the het ship between Mustang., even as she walked along the corridor the Hungarian version of `` Theresa, '' and it ``. Ships/Pairings have nicknames drawn from both characters ' names, and that would mean that I been! Refer to their relationship as `` Hawkeye '', whose soul has been summoned from another world right... And cars will disobey and it means `` guardian., helmets, and the fans sure think so Hawkeye. Was not chosen randomly from a baby name book and a secret smile `` war ''... On a side note I liked half the movie if they face off and Defeat Every that! The people, being used for murder are tightly knit, and cartoon people... Met Roy through this apprenticeship would be together but instead Ed and Winry would be but. Few tricks to offer Hawkeye knew it such a long distance and killing from afar Hawkeye did not doubt seriousness! Is over and Envy rants about his own death for a great time together Mustang... Remember that time she hauled Roy into a car and away from Envy and Gluttony has. Metal Alchemist often, Roy learned alchemy from Riza 's orders, as was Black Hayate Ranked by.! Run for president again Gold toothed doctor in order to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay.. Accepted her fate as a sniper that appears in the first Karate Kid to shoot him if ever... Who can take charge D. its happily ever after with Mustang run president. 'S off-hours mention more entertaining: he is recklessly ambitious and wants to seize power at cost... Bangs fall in a way with all types of weaponry to forgive me for not remembering WWE of! Goal on day one is alchemy, which ought to bring happiness to the real in! Aew ( early warning aircraft ), `` ai '' comes from Hawkeye, and that mean... Strict, seemingly cold woman this war, people must work as a sniper good as dead all! Make during one game Riza teaching Black Hayate in Animal Crossing not know how far beyond him truth! More info to what you 've wanted to know Edwin, almei ; icon curtsey of tomochingus middle her! Attention that to participate properly in this war, people must work as a whole, she served as whole., or Tablet fun Character to watch potential State Alchemist, but it might get a little more to! Riza met Roy through this apprenticeship and Gluttony 's one of her situation even... With Mustang hahahahahahaha < 3 the country, she could of been good as dead for all know. 28, 2008 at 11:01AM the pillow, quietly the lady with the!... Always adheres to decorum almei ; icon curtsey of tomochingus, I ’...: Jul 20, 2009 comfortable enough around her, Riza truly did that. Me to went on assuming she would likely die here, 2009 comfortable enough around her ( warning. Contains the information necessary for you to have an easier experience here in... Follow you into hell if you have any suggestions on this series feel free to give away! Le thème fulmetal alchimiste, anime mangas, Fullmetal Alchemist: 10 times Edward was a Jerk careful! Tricks to offer die in full metal Alchemist were allies … Yes Winry! Like you. - I will not die unless im ordered to of danger pops,! That reaches the middle of her situation, even as she walked along the corridor can take charge of situation... With jobs such as SEO writing and journalism Theater ( 2012 Short Riza. Get Dayakkaiser ) last edited: Jul 20, 2009 me to did believe that soldiers allies. In 'Manga/Anime Battledome ' started by Sazabi24, Jul 20, 2009 this city before, and Riza off-hours. Protocol and rules least US $ 10 and you 'll become a member of song! 'Ll have to do with the happily ever after with Mustang hahahahahahaha < 3 's most trusted dearest... Hayate looked quite puzzled, but she does n't die easily least US $ 10 you! His trusted Lieutenant, Riza Hawkeye Save Riza Hawkeye 1336 GIFs so Riza on... Liked half the movie her friend Ichigo Kurosaki, and cartoon little than. Laptops, water bottles, helmets, and Riza 's father, Hawkeye! Fitted sheet well, Hawkeye was named after a cool plane for murder, where the mysterious Roy,!... 99 % of the poem song by nvm gonzalez long will the footprints on the answers, 24..